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Will marriage to Sachin cut Sailee's wings to fly, or will she receive his support? Neha Harsora, aka Sailee, from Star Plus Show Udne Ki Aasha, shares insights about the intriguing promo!

Star Plus has ventured into unexplored territory. Star Plus has brought to its audience Udne Ki Aasha, starring Kanwar Dhillon (Sachin) and Neha Harsora (Sailee). Udne Ki Aasha depicts the tale of Sachin and Sailee and also the intricacies of the relationships and equations.

Set against a Marathi backdrop, Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha to depict a wife's roadblock in the form of a non-cooperative husband and her challenge to make him transform for the sake of her and the family's progress. Kanwar Dhillon essays the character of Sachin, who is a taxi driver and earns his livelihood with it, while Neha Harsora portrays the role of Sailee, a florist who dabbles in various small businesses and makes a living out of her other chores, in the show Udne Ki Aasha. 

The makers recently dropped an intriguing promo for the show Udne Ki Aasha, which gives the audience glimpses of the complexities that Sailee has to go through in her life. The promo depicts an instance when Sailee gets humiliated by a vendor; it is at that moment that she firmly decides to make her name famous as a flower vendor. On the other hand, due to unforseen circumstances, Sailee gets married to Sachin, who, ironically, does not know his wife's name. The promo depicts the complex equations of Sachin and Sailee, and it will be interesting to witness whether Sachin and Sailee's marriage will cut Sailee's wings to fly or whether she will receive his support.

Neha Harsora, aka Sailee, from the Star Plus show Udne Ki Aasha shares, "The promo showcases Sailee as a determined girl who aims to achieve her aspiration and work towards it. Sailee wants to create a name for herself but ends up in an unexpected circumstance and gets married to Sachin, who does not even know her name. Sailee has dreams and wishes that she wants to fulfil; now that she gets married to Sachin, the path to attaining her goals will be filled with obstacles and hindrances. The life of Sailee after her wedding with Sachin is going to be difficult, as it is going to be a new family she will now be living with. The equation that Sailee and Sachin share is one of nok jhok and complexities, and before commencing any relationship, being friends is the first step that the audience may see between Sailee and Sachin post-wedding in the upcoming episodes. It will be intriguing to witness how the tale unfolds in the lives of Sailee and Sachin as a new chapter awaits to knock on the door.".

Produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary, Udne Ki Aasha airs on Star Plus at 9 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

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