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The cast of COLORS’ 'Doree' opens up about Mahi Bhanushali's incredible transformation into Bhola

COLORS’ 'Doree' is making waves with its captivating storyline centred around its young protagonist, Doree (portrayed by Mahi Bhanushali). This heartfelt narrative showcases the clash between Doree's progressive ideas and the orthodox thoughts of Kailashi Devi Thakur (played by Sudhaa Chandran). In the current storyline, to revive Agni’s (Doree’s father) memories, Doree has transformed herself into a boy named Bhola. In the new avatar, she hesitates to reveal herself to those who know her upon seeing the fake parents. As Bhola tries different ways to jog Agni’s memory, the adorable actor essaying the role is receiving immense love and support from the fans. 

Amar Upadhyay, portraying the role of Agni says, “Doree is a versatile actor. She was portraying a female character, but now she embodies the role of Bhola, a boy, owing to a twist in the story. She executes the role beautifully, with the appearance of a boy and the short hair suits her. She is diligently working on modulating her voice to resemble that of a boy. I must commend the immense effort she puts into embodying and loving the character, and her ability to memorize every dialogue is truly amazing.”

Toral Rasputra essaying the role of Mansi says, “Mahi looks super cute in her new look as Bhola. It's challenging for her to play a character different from what she's been portraying. Adapting to a boy's body language and dialect is tough, but she's doing a fabulous job. I remember visiting her during her mock shoot, and she became so conscious about her appearance. I believe the director has played a significant role in shaping how Bhola is portrayed on screen. She's performing exceptionally well and has embraced the tapori boy look super cool.”

Sudhaa Chandran portraying the role of Kailashi Devi shares, “It's a very interesting turn in the story with Bhola's sequence. People believe that Doree is dead, but she has transformed her appearance and returned as Bhola to evoke memories of her father. She is performing outstandingly well; it's a challenge for her to portray a boy while being a girl. This pretty girl has adopted a de-glamorized look to find her Baba. It will be intriguing to see her journey as Bhola and what she will do to reunite with her father, Ganga Prasad (played by Amar Upadhyay). I hope the fans will love Bhola as much as they loved Doree."

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