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‘Suhaagan’ takes a 20-year leap into an era of love & betrayal starring Pragati Choursiya, Akshay Kharodia and Dhwani Gori

After captivating the audiences with the tale of Bindiya, Payal, and Krishna, COLORS' ‘Suhaagan’ takes a generation leap of 20 years, ushering in a whirlwind of emotions. The recently released promo delves into the lives of Swara, the daughter of Bindiya and Krishna and Dhwani, the daughter of Sudha, who stepped into the household as a mother figure for Swara. Starring Pragati Choursiya as Swara, Akshay Kharodia as Vedaant and Dhwani Gori as Dhwani, the new era of this marital drama has Dhwani stepping into Swara's life as her voice, after she loses her speech and parents as a child. Their bond appears as graceful and unbreakable as a perfectly choreographed Kathak duet. However, Dhwani's true colours bleed through, and she vows to claim all that belongs to Swara. Will Swara find her own voice in this dance of fate, or will Dhwani's sinister moves lead to her downfall?

Pragati Choursiya essaying the role of Swara says, “The outpouring of love and support from the audience for ‘Suhaagan’ has been incredible, and I couldn't be more excited to join the journey in the role of Swara. Swara is a kind-hearted soul who endured the loss of her parents and her voice in her formative years. To bring Swara to life authentically, I've been learning sign language. Even during the promo shoot, it was a challenge to communicate solely through gestures and signs. I believe that as an actor, expressions must convey more than the dialogue. Collaborating with COLORS once again is a thrill, and I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity to board in one of viewers' favourite shows.”

Dhwani Gori essaying the role of Dhwani says, “It's an exhilarating journey to join the cast of ‘Suhaagan’, a show loved by viewers. I'm diving into the character of Dhwani portraying an antagonist who is both materialistic and conniving. This marks my second collaboration with COLORS after 'Molkki', and I'm grateful to the channel for entrusting me with the opportunity to debut as a lead in ‘Suhaagan’. I can't wait for viewers to witness this new chapter in my journey and hope they embrace and enjoy my portrayal of Dhwani.” 

Akshay Kharodia essaying the role of Vedaant says, “Onboarding a new journey with COLORS in the lead role of Vedaant in Suhaagan is an honour. The character I'm playing strikes a balance between traditions and modernity. He is a cultured young man who has returned to his family after completing his studies abroad. While worldly experiences have broadened his horizons, he remains rooted in traditions and customs. I hope to earn viewers' trust and affection as Vedaant's story unfolds. I'm looking forward to the audience witnessing this exciting new chapter, packed with the transformative power of love and the resilience of family bonds. Get ready to watch the twists and turns of the new era of Suhaagan!”

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