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Sheeba Akashdeep: I always need people with me, I am a very people’s person and I always find the right company for anything I wish to do

Travelling is a passion for many. They enjoy going to new places, learning something new and come back all happy and ready to take their life ahead. 90s popular Bollywood star and known TV personality Sheeba Akashdeep talks about getting bitten by the travel bug and her favourite tourist destination.

“Last trip I took internationally, I travelled to Boston. That's where my son studies and New York is now on my mind because that's where he lives,” she continues, “I love taking small trips even if it's for 2 days, I will travel in India. Recently I had the privilege of going to Tirupathi. So I like to take 2 or 3 days breaks also in and around India.”

Travelling is important. It opens your mind, it exposes you to different cultures, to different kinds of food, people, so many things open up for you. So Sheeba loves to travel.

There are a lot of people who meticulously plan their holidays, while many others don’t. And, Sheeba shares being a bit of both.

“Sometimes I go for this all girl vacation. We went to Greece, we have been to Bali, Budapest, Vienna, and we have been to quite a few destinations. We are going to Thailand as girls trip and we pretty much meticulously plan those, like where we will have coffee or where we will go for our meals and book our meals and then there are those impromptu overnight things where me and my husband, we picked our passports and reach the airports to go for holiday because we suddenly realise that we are free. So I like a bit of both. I have done that with my best friend and my husband. So I like the surprise element of the impromptu trip,” she says.

Have you ever travelled solo? “I have taken the longest flight ever alone all the way to Fiji. That was a work-related trip so I travelled alone but only in a plane. I'm not a solo traveller. I do not like to do anything solo.  That is not in my bucket list. I always need people with me. I am a very people’s person and touch wood, I always find the right company for anything I wish to do. So for a religious trip, I have a group for that, if it's a fun trip I have a bunch of people who are okay with that. So not going solo anywhere,” she ends.

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