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Shaan Mishra talks about being part of Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Actor Shaan Mishra has joined the cast of TV show Maati Se Bandhi Dor, where he will play the character of Kishore.  With shows like Sindoor Ki Keemat 2, Imlie, Lovepantii, Chhoti Sardarni, and web series such as Abhay (season 2), Gandi Baat (season 5), Enigma, to name a few, he mentioned that though shooting for a daily soap can be challenging, he enjoys it.
“Shooting a daily soap is indeed a lot of hard work, but I thrive on it! I love working for 12-15 hours every day, as it keeps me fit, disciplined, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated. The fast-paced and demanding nature of daily soap shooting is something that I enjoy and find challenging,” he said. 
“TV is my first love, and I can't stay away from it for long, no matter what. I am grateful for the opportunities that TV has given me, and I look forward to continuing to work in this industry for many years to come,” he added.
He is quite excited about his new show, and talking about his character he said, “I play a very positive college boy who is charming and has a helping nature. I am best buddies with the heroine, and my character is someone who always tries to help others and make a positive impact.”
Shaan loves that he is associated with the TV industry and is grateful for all the name and fame he has received because of it. 
“I love the discipline that comes with working in TV, as it requires me to work every day and maintain a strict schedule. I also love the fact that TV allows me to reach a massive audience and become a household name,” he ended.

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