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Sana Raees Khan triumphant in Pune Beheading Case

Sana Raees Khan, a renowned Supreme Court lawyer known for her expertise in handling complex legal matters achieved a significant breakthrough in the infamous Pune beheading case which led to suspension of the life sentence of the accused. The case, which gripped the city in 2018, involved the brutal murder of the deceased named Umesh Ingale, whose decapitated body was discovered days after he went missing. The prosecution's case is that the accused decapitated the deceased as he suspected that his girlfriend was having an affair with the deceased. The breakthrough in the case came when Sana Raees Khan managed to uncover the crucial evidence. She argued that though the weapon used in the crime was recovered from a pond from a place filled with water up to knee level after a period of 4 days, surprisingly, it was stained with blood whereas the Chemical Analyser Report showed that the blood did not match with that of the deceased. Moreover, the post-mortem report shows that the injuries are fresh, which strengthens the possibility of false implication. Despite of challenges in the case, Khan’s  meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of the legal process have significantly contributed to unraveling the complexities of the case. This young lawyer is known for her victory in heinous and challenging cases.Sana Raees Khan's success in such cases highlights her exceptional skills as a criminal lawyer and underscores her commitment to seeking justice for her clients. Her resolute dedication to her profession has solidified her reputation as one of the top legal minds in the country.
This young lawyer is known for her victory in heinous and challenging cases. Her legal prowess has also been instrumental in solving Infamous Hanumant Shinde’s case, wherein he was accused of cutting his girlfriend into pieces wherein she argued that it was a case of corpus delicti by pointing out that the DNA of the bones of the deceased was never taken to match with the DNA of the first heir of the deceased to confirm the identity of the recovered body parts. She has also proved her mettle in the NalaSopara UAPA case of Vaibhav Raut by securing Bail for him wherein he was found with a Bomb in his house.
She has achieved success in many high-profile cases such as the Cordelia Drugs Cruise case wherein she secured the first bail for her clientAvin pursuant to which her arguments were used by Advocates of Aryan Khan and other accused in the Drugs cruise case, The Sheena Bora murder case wherein she secured bail forPrime accused Indrani Mukerjea, , Sandeep Gadoli Encounter case wherein she represented Gangster Binder Gujjar and Model DivyaPahuja who was tragically murdered after her release, Karan Sajnani in Rhea Chakroborthy’scase and Nawab Malik's son-in-law's case and many more.

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