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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan: Radha Mohan plans to punish Damini and Kaveri

Mohan tells Radha that he knows who killed Tulsi. He also informs her that he will now seek revenge from Damini and Kaveri. Damini, in turn, plots to act nice and sweet to get closer to Mohan. Radha Mohan plans to punish Damini and Kaveri. Kadambari overhears Radha Mohan's conversation and decides to participate in their plan. Damini, now intending to take Tulsi away from the house, picks up her phone and makes a call. Radha suggests to Kadambari that they should inform Mohan about Tulsi's spirit, but Kadambari denies it. The question remains: Will Mohan be able to listen to Damini's conversation?

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