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An ordinary boy with an extraordinary personality, charismatic dance, soulful vocals - the magic of his high notes - sparkling sense of humour, sharp intelligence and the cutest eye smile can leave you starstruck. Jimin is just a bundle of cuteness and is known for his warm and sweet nature, and he is always ready to help others. Jimin has battled with negative body image and the constant pressure of trying to fit in the society. Though he has faced lots of hate for his looks, he never gave up on his dreams and came out as the brightest star of the music industry. On the special occasion of his birthday, let's jump into the bucket full of his achievements. This Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and dancer is the only one from BTS that received three National Awards under his name.

"Plaque of Appreciation" from Kim Baek Bong, Korean Fan Dance Conservation Society for his outstanding performance of the traditional Korean fan dance during the Melon Music Awards that happened in 2018.

Also, he was awarded the "Order of Cultural Merit" medal from the South Korean government back in 2018. It was only Jimin who was recognized for this achievement, but this includes the other members of BTS too.

The third major award that Jimin received was the James A.Van Fleet award in May 2020. The said award is only given to individuals who have made contributions to the promotion of US-Korea relations.

Jimin has also been recognised with a No. 1 boy group member individual brand reputation ranking for three consecutive years. Jimin is the only Korean artist to have more than 100 million streams on Spotify for Five of his solo songs each. Filter, Serendipity and Lie, each has crossed 100 million streams on the online music streaming app. He became the first BTS member to have a solo music video achieve 100 million views on YouTube with Serendipity. One of the records Jimin broke is having the most likes on a V Live. The Livestream, titled "Long Time No See", was streamed on April 24, 2018. Though uploaded two years ago, the V Live is still gaining likes and views to this day. Most-viewed person on TikTok, his unique hashtag, #jimin, has surpassed 15.7 billion views on TikTok. The third record Jimin broke is for the highest solo Korean song on the Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart. His solo song, Filter ranked 5th on the World Digital Song Sales Chart. His solo song has remained on the chart for a steady 28 weeks.  


On the birthday of BTS' members Jimin, JK and RM, an Indian BTS fan group titled Bangtan India, hosted a fundraiser, called Project Mi Casa and raised over ₹1.6 lakh funds to donate towards a cause.

What Uttkarsha wants?...

Well! surely he has made us proud, and we are still waiting to be part of BTS' purple ocean. Jimin has taught us to be good even when time is hard. I really wanna thank him for being the sweetest little mochi and loving us, we know that there is a guy in Korea who understands us.  thank you and boarhae! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIMCHIM, our sweetest mochi.

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