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Khushi Dubey to enthral audiences as Shivangi Sawant in Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Jubilee Talkies - Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’

Sony Entertainment Television has announced its next fiction offering, ‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’, a romantic and passionate drama that follows the journey of Shivangi Sawant, a humble girl from a small town in Maharashtra, but with modern sensibilities. Her deep love for cinema drives her to pursue her father's dream of restoring their cherished possession,  'Sangam Cinema', to its former glory.

Actress Khushi Dubey is set to portray the lead as Shivangi Sawant, embodying a modern woman filled with strength, integrity, and a strong sense of purpose. As the guardian of her father's legacy at Sangam Cinema, Shivangi's determination shines through as she faces challenges head-on and she sees Sangam Cinema not just as a business, but as a place where dreams come alive.

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Actor Khushi Dubey shares her excitement about embodying the role of Shivangi Sawant in Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat and says, “I'm really excited about this story! I was hooked when I first heard the plot, and  I hope the audience will be too. Along with her passion for reviving Sangam Cinema, Shivangi's journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep everyone glued to their seats. This character is a fresh challenge for me, and I'm especially drawn to Shivangi's resilience and her unwavering dedication to her family and dreams.”

Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat is set to premiere soon on Sony Entertainment Television!

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