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Kamya Panjabi on the concept of her new show Ishq Jabariya: We are not trying to make a change, but…

Romantic dramas with a hint of social messages are not new to Indian television. Some shows have done wonders and set standards. Now, another show is all set to establish its own mark. Yes, we're talking about Sun Neo's "Ishq Jabariya." Kamya Panjabi, who plays the pivotal role of Mohini, in the show, recently opened up about its unique concept and shared insights about her character.

Talking about the concept of the show, Kamya shared, "I am thrilled to be working on a new show that touches on a social issue that still exists in our country. With Ishq Jabariya, we are not trying to make a change, but we hope to highlight this problem in an entertaining way. I am thrilled to work with the team, and both of the leads, Siddhi Sharma and Lakshya Khurrana, are amazing actors, and they’re doing a fantastic job."

Kamya's character, Mohini is a vibrant and lovely personality. Sharing insights about the character, the talented actress added, "Since it’s me, there will be many twists and turns, and my character has a lot of layers. I am working hard to make this role different from my previous ones and bring something fresh to the screen to surprise the audience.” 

Ishq Jabariya is a heartfelt tale of love, resilience, and the pursuit of freedom against societal odds. Set in the lanes of Begusarai, Bihar, this romantic drama follows Gulki, a spirited young woman with dreams of becoming an air hostess. Despite her cruel stepmother's oppression, Gulki keeps her hopes alive. Her journey unfolds with unexpected twists, potentially leading her to find love in unexpected places.  The show features Kamya Panjabi, Siddhi Sharma and Lakshya Khurana in pivotal roles. 

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