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I have worked a lot on my body language for Baani: Amandeep Sidhu on her character in Badall Pe Paon Hai

Amandeep Sidhu is currently seen as Baani in Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Badall Pe Paon Hai, which is produced under their banner Dreamiyata Entertainment Private Limited. The actress says she has put in a lot of effort for her role because she is quite different from her in real life.
Asked how she approaches a new role, she said, “You have to work on your character, body postures, and body language. I have worked a lot on my body language for Baani. Because Baani doesn’t walk like Amandeep, neither does she talk like her. So I have worked a lot in that way. This is the process.”
“I believe if you work on your body language, it starts showing up in your personality too. I think now that I can say that I have become Baani, and I just hope that people like my work,” she added.

Amandeep also confessed that before her first day on the set, she was not able to sleep because she was anxious and excited. She added, “I am very nervous on day one, so I try to meet everyone and start getting comfortable with everyone on set.”
She said that she tries to explore the different aspects of her character to break the monotony and added, “I engage with new challenges in the role to keep it fresh.”
Though she doesn’t have an idol in the industry, she was truly inspired by Vikrant Massey’s superhit film 12th Fail. She said, “I feel Vikrant has done an inspiring job. It makes us believe that we shouldn’t lose hope, no matter how late it is. Even from 12th Fail, I did take a lot of lessons from this movie. His reactions were outstanding. As an actor and as an individual, I have learned a lot,” she ended.

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