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Gullak fame Harsh Mayar to make singing debut with song "Feeling Nayi Hai" in Gullak Season 4

Renowned for his stellar performances across various platforms, Harsh Mayar has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. From his memorable portrayal in Rani Mukerji's "Hichki" to his captivating role in the Zee5 web series "Abhay," Harsh's versatility has garnered widespread acclaim. However, it is his portrayal of Aman Mishra in the beloved series "Gullak" that has truly endeared him to audiences. With the show's fourth season now out and being loved by the audience, fans are thrilled to see Mayar back on the screen. Beyond acting, Harsh has unveiled another facet of his talent, showcasing his musical abilities in the new season.

In a bold move that highlights his versatility as an artist, Harsh makes his singing debut in "Gullak" Season 4 with the song "Feeling Nayi Hai." 

"Feeling Nayi Hai" adds a fresh and captivating element to the series, as Harsh's melodious voice, Anurag Saikia's soulful music and JUNO's heartfelt lyrics are sure to resonate with viewers. With his unparalleled ability to evoke emotions through his performances, Harsh's musical debut is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. 

The inclusion of Harsh's singing debut in "Gullak" Season 4 marks a significant milestone in his career, underscoring his dedication to exploring new creative avenues. As fans experience the impact of "Feeling Nayi Hai" on the narrative, Harsh continues to push the boundaries of artistry, reaffirming his status as one of the most versatile talents in the entertainment industry.

Stay tuned as Harsh Mayar's musical talents take center stage in "Gullak" Season 4, promising an unforgettable viewing experience for fans worldwide.

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