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Get ready to laugh along with Krushna on COLORS’ ‘Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment’

COLORS is all set to serve 'Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment', a one-of-a-kind culinary-comedy crossover that brings an extravaganza of non-stop entertainment. Twelve popular entertainers are entering a chaotic kitchen for an epic cooking showdown that's sure to be a blast. From messing up recipes to cracking jokes, they're poised to stir up a storm of laughter. This kitchen will be graced by stars donning the chef’s hat including Krushna Abhishek – Kashmera Shah, Vicky Jain – Ankita Lokhande, Rahul Vaidya – Aly Goni, Reem Sameer Shaikh - Jannat Zubair, Karan Kundrra - Arjun Bijlani, and Sudesh Lehri – Nia Sharma. Adding the tadka of her humour is the one and only comedy queen, Bharti Singh, with Celebrity Chef Coach Harpal Singh Sokhi guiding the novice chefs and rating their dishes. Among the laughter chefs, Krushna shares his experience of stepping aboard this laugh riot.

Excerpts below:

1.    What drew you to participate in a show that combines cooking and comedy?
A.    The primary reason was that Kashmera and I wanted to work together, and it's been quite a while since we've worked together on television. I was very excited. This is a cooking show and she doesn’t know anything about cooking. I thought she’ll learn to cook through this show and treat me to a feast. 

2.    Which celebrity do you see as your biggest competition and why?
A.    For me, this show is about having fun and not competing at all. The celebs on the show are my friends. Ankita is a close friend, and I share a special bond with Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Arjun Bijlani and Sudesh ji. How can I compete with my friends? I think I’ll learn to cook food with them. 

3.    What is the biggest kitchen mishap you have encountered in real life and how do you think you will handle mishaps on the show?
A.    The first time I attempted cooking prawns, it was quite a memorable experience. I ended up frying them with the shells! I'll never forget that moment; even as I was eating, I was wondering why I couldn’t chew the prawns. I learnt later that the shells had to be removed.

4.    Picture yourself as a dish on a restaurant menu, what quirky name would you give yourself?
A.    Butter chicken!

5.    For survival, if you have to cook something what will that dish be?
A.    Dal chawal. 

7.    Describe your cooking style in three words, using only ingredients commonly found in the pantry.
A.    Dahi, chicken, and third ingredient only garam masala!

8.    What do you hope viewers will take away from Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment?
A.     It's a pure family show featuring your favourite celebrities and actors who make you laugh, dance for you, and host events. These stars will come together to prepare food. The audience will be entertained because a lot of exciting things happen right in the first episode. It's a raw show, not the usual scripted fare.

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