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Eklavya Sood on playing Harsh in Raisinghani Vs Raisinghani: I draw inspiration from real life individuals

Looking around him, observing the minute nuances of people’s personalities, and then incorporating these in his acting; deriving inspiration from his surroundings has been quite a process for actor Eklavya Sood. He says that it took him some time to learn this art, and now he naturally absorbs everything in his surroundings.

“When bringing a character to life, I draw inspiration from real-life individuals and the world around me. The process involves a mix of observation, imagination, and personal experiences. Initially, it can be challenging to observe everything 24/7, but the beauty lies in the subconscious, where nuances and memories are stored. As I learned acting, I was advised to observe extensively, and while it's not possible to be vigilant all the time, the subconscious helps recall specific details when needed,” he says.

The actor, who plays the role of Harsh in the web series Raisinghani Vs Raisinghani, says that he took inspiration for this role from his friend. “For instance, in my current role as Harsh Nokwal, I incorporated the energetic opening dialogue ‘Harsh Nokwal in the house’ from my lovely friend Tushar Bhala. Collaborating with the writer, we seamlessly integrated this element into the character. It's about gradually building upon the character, discovering new aspects daily, and finding joyous moments where you truly embody the essence of the role. It's a dynamic process, and for Harsh Nokwal, my references included Tushar Bhala and a few others.”

Not only his surroundings, but even his life and career are sources of inspiration for him, says the actor. “I think every character that you play leaves an impact on you, for sure, because they're like different lives and different beings that you're trying to portray. As an actor, you're trying to live the lives of your character as authentically as possible. A lot has to also do with how well the character is written. I wrote and portrayed a character named Ekansh in a project called Trek To Neverland. He was an egalitarian with a unique philosophy on life, especially regarding youth politics and global help. While playing this character, I delved into his soul, and it took me a year to detach from him completely. The character had distinct ideologies, viewing the world in black and white. This portrayal influenced my own ideologies temporarily, blurring the lines between the character and myself. Over time, I learned to switch between the on-screen character and my real self. Though I haven't fully separated the two, I believe with more experience, I'll be able to do so successfully. I believe that as an actor, my characters reflect a sum of my personal experiences – the struggles, good and bad moments, and everything in between. To authentically portray them, I draw from the emotions I've experienced myself,” he says.

Talking about his current role, he adds, “When playing Harsh, I infuse a childlike excitement and energy, reminiscent of my younger self. The drive to achieve something in life is a common thread, as seen in characters like Ekansh, who also grapples with loneliness and a desire to change the world. These emotions, whether in love or conversations with family, are derived from my own experiences. To stay connected with these feelings, music is crucial for me. When portraying Ekansh in Trek to Neverland, I immersed myself in Coke Studio and Prateek Kuhad songs for moments of peace. Currently, for Harsh's character, I find inspiration in rap songs by artists like Krishna, Karan Aujla, Siddhu Mossewala, and Ranveer Singh's energetic tracks. Music helps me authentically live out the emotions written on paper.”

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