Thursday, June, 20,2024

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Drama, action and much more is all set to unveil in this week of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain episodes

Happu, disguised as a woman named Kaalindi, moves into Anita's neighbourhood to carry out a mission. His objective is to trap the terrorist Sameer in love and catch him red-handed with a bomb.

Teeka, struggling with depression, attempts suicide, prompting Saxena to suggest finding him a partner. They discuss various options, but Vibhuti and Tiwari think Kaalindi is perfect. Teeka also insists that he's in love with Kaalindi and wants to marry her.

Everyone proposes marriage to Teeka in front of Kaalindi. Due to the sensitivity of the case, Happu arranges a fake family meeting without revealing his true identity. He lies to his fake family that his marriage will only happen after his older sister's marriage. Everyone loses hope as Happu's elder sister's marriage seems unlikely, and they assume Teeka's marriage won't happen either. Teeka attempts suicide again. To save him, they kidnap Kaalindi while she's unconscious.

When Happu, disguised as Kalindi, is about to catch the terrorist Sameer, he regains consciousness and reveals the truth to everyone. He scolds them, saying their actions have unintentionally helped a terrorist successfully plan a bombing. Now, he can detonate the bomb anytime, risking his job and sending everyone to jail. Everyone is distressed.

Anita comes up with an idea. The next day, Kalindi meets Sameer and tearfully tells him that her family is forcing her to get engaged to a boy named Teeka. Sameer panics, and Happu wonders what he'll do next!

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