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COLORS’ ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’ actor Shruti Choudhary talks about women's struggles in underage marriage

COLORS' 'Mera Balam Thanedaar' captivates audiences with the story of an underage bride Bulbul (played by Shruti Choudhary) and a cop Veer (played by Shagun Pandey), as they strive to build trust and navigate the complexities of married life despite their differences. Amassing love for her portrayal, Shruti Choudhary goes beyond the conventions to embody the role of Bulbul. As per the storyline, Bulbul is asked to give birth to the child to rectify the dosh in her Kundali. She shares that while performing this scene in particular, she felt the pain that women feel when they are told to have a baby to solve any problem. She shares that she was a little nervous while doing the scenes as she related to it being a woman.  She also shares that one should stand up for oneself and speak up for one's own rights.
Essaying the role of Bulbul, Shruti Choudhary says, “It's a sad reality that women are often expected to be a ‘mother’ immediately after marriage. I believe families must recognize and support that women aspire beyond starting a family. While portraying the role in the show, I gained a deep understanding of the pressure women face when pushed to conceive. While babies are undoubtedly a blessing, it's equally essential to determine the right timing for such a significant life event. Playing the character of Bulbul has been incredibly fulfilling for me because it allows me to empower women to forge their paths and challenge societal norms. I'm profoundly grateful to my fans for their unwavering support and continuous love for both my character and the show.”
Currently in the show, Bulbul falls down the stairs during the Gangaur Visarjan, which reveals Drishti's plan to expose her fake pregnancy. Bulbul is rushed to the hospital, and it's disclosed that she isn't pregnant, which shocks Sulakshana. Meanwhile, Veer succeeds in a raid but is interrupted by news of Bulbul's accident. On the other hand, Bulbul admits the truth to Sulakshana and asks for forgiveness. Will Sulakshana forgive Bulbul?
To know more keep watching 'Mera Balam Thanedaar’ at 9:30 pm every Monday to Friday only on COLORS!

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