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Bigg Boss 17 star Khanzaadi celebrates birthday at NGO, spreads joy with underprivileged kids

Khanzaadi, the talented rapper and former contestant on MTV Hustle and Bigg Boss 17 chose a heartwarming way to celebrate her birthday this year. As it’s her birthday on 19th June, instead of choosing a lavish party or extravagant festivities, she opted to spend her special day at a local NGO with the underprivileged kids. Known for her philanthropic efforts, Khanzaadi chose to spend her special day with underprivileged children, spreading joy and positivity.

The event was a heartwarming affair as Khanzaadi actively engaged with the children, cutting a cake together. The children's smiles lit up the room as they enjoyed this simple yet significant gesture. In addition to the cake, Khanzaadi also distributed nutritious fruits to the kids, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating.

Khanzaadi's decision to celebrate at the NGO reflects her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Her presence not only brought happiness to the children but also highlighted the importance of compassion and giving back to the community.

This gesture by Khanzaadi serves as a reminder of how small acts of kindness can have a profound impact and inspire others to contribute positively to society. Her dedication to social causes beyond her celebrity status sets a commendable example for her fans and peers alike.

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