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Bigg Boss 17 : Rinku Dhawan had a heated argument with Khanzaadi, she wanted to break her face

One more heated argument turned out into a bad fight in the Bigg Boss house. The latest episode witnessed an ugly fight between Khanzaadi, Aishwarya Sharma and Rinku Dhawan. Initially it was only between Aishwarya and Khanzaadi which started during the task. While performing the task, Samarth Jurel, although unintentionally, had actually inappropriately touched Aishwarya.

But for obvious reasons, that triggered Aishwarya and she started shouting. Khanzaadi escalated the fight by saying that Aishwarya was doing all of this to seek attention and referred her as attention seeker. Aishwarya lost her calm and yelled at Khanzaadi for using such cheap words against her. Rinku, who was sitting next to Aishwarya, lost her patience and bashed Khanzaadi for placing wrong allegations against Aishwarya. Rinku rightly said, "No woman would make such false claims for attention.” 

Aishwarya broke down in tears and Neil came to console her. At that moment, all the contestants stood against Khanzaadi for her comment but she was too adamant to listen. Rinku was extremely agitated and was ready to leave the show after hitting Khanzaadi. It was her good friend Munawar who told her that even if you hit Khanzaadi, that wouldn't  console Aishwarya. After sometime Rinku cooled down. 
Khanzaadi’s constant ugly behaviour is definitely ruining BB house’s atmosphere. We all hope Salman Khan takes this point up during the Weekend Ka Vaar.

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