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Anupama Solanki: We need to updated and reform our educational books

This World Book Day, actress Anupama Solanki says that our educational material needs to be updated. She adds that this would encourage many others to start the practice of reading.

“We need to revise our books. I recall from our school days how we continued to study Mughal history from 1st standard to 10th. Many may argue that what I'm suggesting isn't possible, but we must reconsider,” she says, adding, “The biggest lesson I learned from a new Sony TV show, ‘Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai," is about dowry. For centuries, we've upheld the practice of dowry in Indian society, considering it a tradition. Just like Sati Pratha, which was later deemed wrong and abolished, change is possible. When did this change happen? It occurred when the Britishers came to India and enlightened us. Similarly, we can change our books and create new ones with more attractive designs.”

She says that technology is advancing rapidly and one needs to go along with it.
“Coming from the Television & Film industry, I've observed how Netflix and Amazon Prime have set new benchmarks and changed the competition landscape. Similar changes are happening now with how ChatGPT has impacted the competition. It feels like it's time to reform the education system.”

She adds, “According to a 2019 survey, 83 million people in India, comprising 25% of the youth population, read books. However, India also spends an average of 10 hours per person per week reading, which surpasses several developed nations. Nevertheless, I believe this number can be increased.”

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