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Anupama Solanki on violence in Animal: When Hollywood makes a Joker, we say wow ; here, we question

Actress Anupama Solanki says that she loved watching Ranbir Kapoor’s movie "ANIMAL". She adds that we need to stop talking about the violence in the film, and just enjoy the story.

“It’s just a film. If someone stops making violent movies so violence will end? Hollywood movie Joker movie has also violence and Aamir khan movie Gajini has also violence then why is Ranbir Kapoor on target?” she says, adding, “Generally, I don’t like violent movies but when I saw KGF, I loved it. I liked 'Animal' as well. Everyone has their own choices. These days youngsters and adults are loving action thriller movies. When Hollywood makes a Joker, then we say wow! But when Bollywood makes such a thriller, we start to point fingers.”

She says that violence is there in society as well, and so is peace. “Every human has Ram and Ravan inside them. So that’s why we are appreciating violence and peace both. We love Baghban and we love Animal and KGF also. These days people are aware of the difference between movies and real life. Maybe someone is inspired by violence but people are also inspired by family movies.”

She adds that cinema has been blamed for putting out outdated content. “Violence and gory are very less in cinema, compared to OTT platforms. Lack of creativity in Bollywood has made people not want to watch it. But now, we have to change our mind set,” she says.

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