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Actress Sandhya Shetty reveals her birthday plans this year, all set to be having a working birthday shooting in the mountains.

Sandhya Shetty is one such artiste in the Indian entertainment industry whose talent and potential truly know no limits. While she's always been in the news and limelight for her good quality work and credibility as a performing artiste, what separates her from the rest of her contemporaries is that she's also a talented global supermodel, International speaker, a Commonwealth Karate Gold medalist and a lot more. One of her most impressive and heartwarming qualities has to be the fact that come what may, she's always dedicated towards her craft and in the process, doesn't shy away from keeping celebrations aside to prioritise work. Well, to validate this fact all the way more, what truly could be better than working on a birthday? Yes, that's right.

The talented diva who's known to be a multi-dynamic and multifaceted personality is all set to have a busy working birthday this year. While we have always known that she's someone who's known to always satiate her quench for wanderlust, not many would have thought that destiny simultaneously would have manifested a travel show for her. On being asked about her birthday plans this year on 29th May, the actress gets candid with us and shares,

"Well, this birthday is all about work and I am happy and blessed that it is this way. For me, work and my art and passion towards it has always been my first priority ahead of anything else. This year, I am working on a travel show where I get to explore from the beaches of Goa to the mountains of Himachal in the Indian terrains. I have always been passionate about traveling and this show is indeed very exciting and trippy. Apart from that, I am also shooting for a short film in the mountains. So yes, a lot is happening after the prior successes that I have enjoyed with projects like Dharavi Bank & Corona Papers, iam more motivated to work hard and do well. Fingers crossed."

Well, kudos to the talented artiste and black belt karate enthusiast who has now totally immersed herself in the process of her art and is now all set to take the world of cinema by storm in the coming years. With her high-octane action skills, talent, potential and finesse that she brings to the table, she's set to fly high and shine bright like a diamond in a promising career that's destined for her. Here's wishing her good luck and success for all her future endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.

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