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Actress Rashmi Gupta spill the beans on her tattoos

Saathiya 2 actress Rashmi Gupta has two significant tattoos on her waist and they are quite close to her heart. The two tattoos are Karma and Scorpio. Sharing some details on them, she says, "I decided to get a Karma tattoo because I strongly believe in the concept of karma, where one's actions always have consequences. It represents my trust in the idea that negative actions eventually lead to unfortunate outcomes.  I chose to get a Scorpio tattoo because I am a  November born. While I recognize that astrology and numerology are subjective beliefs, I personally resonate with the traits commonly associated with Scorpios. I see myself as straightforward, sharp, and blunt, and these qualities hold personal significance for me.”

Although Rashmi is not a big fan of tattoos,  she opted for these two for specific reasons. She adds, "Despite my general dislike for tattoos, these specific ones carry a deep and meaningful connection to my beliefs and identity.I got the karma tattoo because I constantly talk about karma and strongly believe in its principles. It's something I always emphasize, and having it on my body serves as a constant reminder in my life. The importance of karma led me to make an exception and proudly display it on my body.”

So how  do these tattoos resonate with you personally or professionally? She adds, "I didn’t want to end up with random tattoos without any meaningful reason behind them. As I mentioned before, I believe in being genuine and authentic. Having a reason behind each tattoo is important to me. It's not just about the design; it's about the personal and professional values associated with it. Personally, I strive to be true to myself, and this reflects in the choices I make for my body. Professionally, it's crucial for me to maintain integrity and honesty, both at home and in my work. I want my actions to be a reflection of my beliefs, ensuring there's no room for cheating or deception.”

While doing tattoos we all know the process is painful and requires meticulous after-care. On this, Rashmi says, "Yes I agree, getting the tattoo was a bit painful, especially for someone like me who is quite scared of pain . However, where I got it done, the process felt like small pricks and a bit of tickling. It was bearable, but still, it was somewhat painful. Despite that, I can say it was a positive experience. Initially, there was some discomfort, but now, there's no pain at all. I'm happy with how it turned out, and overall, I'm doing well. As of now, I don't have any plans for future tattoos. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not someone who is inclined towards getting tattoos, and it takes a lot for me to overcome that hesitation. While I deeply believe in karma and have expressed it through a tattoo, the idea of getting more tattoos in the future doesn't appeal to me. I prefer to keep my body as it is without adding any more ink.”

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