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Actress Poonam Shende Shines in New Web Series "Naam Gum Jaayega"

Poonam Shende, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has landed a pivotal role in the new web series "Naam Gum Jaayega",directed by Akshay Singh and produced and written by Behnashika Das. The series promises to be a gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and mystery.

In " Naam Gum Jaayega ", Poonam Shende portrays Radhika, the wife of a dedicated police inspector played by Rahul Singh. Radhika, a fashion designer, puts her career on hold due to her husband's frequent transfers. The character navigates the emotional complexities of feeling neglected due to her husband's intense commitment to solving a critical bomb blast case. In a twist, Radhika's conversation with a journalist friend inadvertently causes complications in the investigation, but she ultimately plays a crucial role in helping to resolve the case.

Poonam shared her journey to securing the role, revealing that she initially auditioned for two parts: a police officer (Rahul Singh's assistant) and Radhika. "After seeing both auditions, they selected me for Radhika's character. Working on this series has been an incredible experience," she said.

Despite being a newcomer compared to her experienced co-stars, Poonam felt welcomed and supported on set. "All these actors are very much experienced in the industry, but I didn't feel that way. They were extremely cooperative, and I learned a lot being with them," she remarked.

Poonam highlighted her rehearsal sessions with Rahul Singh, noting his impressive filmography, including "Zubeidaa" with Karishma Kapoor and Manoj Bajpayee, and "Airlift" with Akshay Kumar. "Rahul shared his experiences on set, which was very motivating," she added.

Additionally, Poonam expressed her gratitude towards Romiit Raj, who shared his extensive television experience and provided valuable guidance. "Romiit is very nice. He shared all his serial experiences and guided me for work," she said.

Reflecting on her time on " Naam Gum Jaayega," Poonam expressed her fortune at working with such a talented cast and the immense learning and motivation she gained. "I really feel fortunate that I got to work with them and got a lot of motivation and learning," she concluded.

" Naam Gum Jaayega" is set to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and strong performances, particularly from Poonam Shende, whose portrayal of Radhika promises to leave a lasting impact.

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