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“Education is a priority”: Colleges to reopen on Sep 6, says Manipur CM Biren Singh

Imphal: Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh on Monday confirmed that the colleges in the state will reopen on September 6 adding that the state government is committed to keeping education a priority.

In a post on social media platform X, CM Biren said, “Pleased to share that over the past month, school attendance for students from class 1 to 12 has surged to an impressive 90pc as we gradually get back to normalcy. The State Govt. is committed to always keep education on priority despite the hard times we have endured over the last few months. Additionally, colleges are set to reopen on September 6th. Let's continue to prioritize learning and safety for all!”
CM Biren earlier today said that the state government has filed an FIR against the members of the Editors Guild who are trying to create more clashes in the state of Manipur.

The case has been filed against the three members - Seema Guha, Bharat Bhushan and Sanjay Kapoor said the Manipur Chief Minister. The Editors Guild is yet to respond to the FIR filed against its members.

On September 2 the Editors Guild of India released a report of its 'Fact-Finding Mission on Media’s Reportage of the Ethnic Violence in Manipur'.
In its report which was posted on the Guild's social media handle on X, the Guild had claimed "There are clear indications that the leadership of the state became partisan during the conflict. It should have avoided taking sides in the ethnic conflict but it failed to do its duty as a democratic government."

On Friday Lt. Gen PC Nair DG Assam Rifles had said “Unlike in the past, Manipur is witnessing an “unprecedented” situation currently due to the ethnic clashes owing to the fact that both communities have a large number of weapons putting the state in the spot like never before.”

The violence in Manipur between the Meiteis and the tribal Kuki, who are, erupted after a rally by the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur (ATSUM) on May 3.
The Central government had to deploy paramilitary forces to bring the situation under control. 

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