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Will BJP give ticket to Scindia’s son?

New Delhi: Jyotiraditya Scindia’s restlessness is increasing. As elections to the Madhya Pradesh Assembly are nearing, Scindia has started uniting his supporters and is pressurizing the party high command to declare him as the CM candidate. His supporters had started peddling a story that Shivraj Singh Chouhan was being removed and Scindia was being made the CM. But now no such mood is visible in the BJP which is neither going to change the CM nor is it going to declare anyone as the chief ministerial candidate. Informed sources of the party say that the party will contest the elections keeping Chouhan as the CM and will seek votes by promoting his schemes.

Scindia’s supporters are now preparing to launch his son in polls. It has been told that Scindia’s son Mahanaryaman Scindia can be contested from any traditional seat of the family. Although it is not easy in BJP. There are few exceptions in which both father and son got ticket and both are members of one house or the other. Keep in mind that Scindia himself is in Rajya Sabha and his Lok Sabha seat is also vacant, on which it is being said that he will contest the elections next year. That’s why he wants the party to give the assembly ticket to their son. For this, the son is being sent to public programs, inaugurations, laying of foundation stones, etc. are being done by him. Meanwhile, a knowledgeable leader at the Congress headquarters in Delhi said that if Scindia wants a ticket for his son as well, he will have to join the Congress, as it is difficult in the BJP.

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