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Swati Maliwal assault case: "Arvind Kejriwal making efforts to save Bibhav Kumar," alleges BJP's Gaurav Bhatia

New Delhi: BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia accused the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of destroying the evidence in a case related to the alleged assault of Swati Maliwal and said the AAP MP was assaulted at the "beck and call" of the Aam Admi Party national convenor.
He also alleged that CM Kejriwal is making all the efforts to save his aide Bibhav Kumar.
"When CCTV footage is destroyed it reveals that a heinous crime has been committed and Arvind Kejriwal is trying his best to destroy the evidence. Evidence that is the proof of culpability of Arvind Kejriwal and Bibhav Kumar," Bhatia told reporters here.
"Second circumstantial evidence (that) is very important is the formating of the phone of the Bibhav Kumar. If there was nothing objectionable in the video which could have led to the truth and suggested that Arvind Kejriwal is the kingpin here....The beating has been done at his beck and call, then why would Bibhav Kumar format his phone? Handed to the police and let the truth emerge. Is it too much to expect from a Chief Minister," he added.
Targeting the Delhi CM, the BJP leader said, "Arvind Kejriwal's silence confirms that he is not standing with the victim woman but the accused. And is making all the efforts to save Bibhav Kumar.
Notably, in an exclusive interview with ANI, Swati Maliwal asserted that Bibhav Kumar is a very "influential and powerful man" in the AAP.
Calling Bibhav Kumar "raazdaar" (the one who keeps secret) of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Swati Maliwal alleged that the personal aide of Delhi CM Bibhav Kumar is not an "ordinary personal assistant" adding that the entire party is "afraid" of him.
"I have known Bibhav Kumar since 2006. Arvind Kejriwal 'ke sabse bade raazdaar, sabse karibi aadmi iss waqt Bibhav Kumar hain.' He is not an ordinary PA. If you see his house, his house is so luxurious, he has been given such a house, even no minister has got such a house in Delhi, so he is very influential and at present, he is a powerful man in the entire party and the entire party is afraid of him. Earlier also there was an assault case on him. There is a message at the party 'agar Bibhav naraj hogya aapse toh fir aap khatam ho party main," Maliwal said.
Maliwal lodged a complaint with the Delhi police against Delhi CM's aide Bibhav Kumar on May 14, a day after the alleged assault took place. A day later, Bibhav Kumar lodged a counter-complaint with the police, accusing Maliwal of gaining 'unauthorised entry' into the CM's Civil Lines residence and 'verbally abusing' him.
A case was filed against Bibhav Kumar and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to investigate the case based on Maliwal's complaint. Bibhav was arrested by the Delhi Police on Sunday, May 19.

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