Tuesday, December, 06,2022

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New Delhi: The war of words between the BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP is an unending saga of political mudslinging that is going nowhere. In fact, such petty quarrels over insignificant issues are not only damaging to the image of both parties but also provide a perfect recipe for the delay in implementing Delhi’s development plans. Often the bickering is reduced to the level of crass classroom dogfights between rowdy boys, which others only watch and vicariously enjoy. No party seems seriously focused on a constructive dimension of politics with both busy in Quixotic displays of verbal valour, fighting invisible demons. Each seems eagerly waiting to tear into each other at the slightest trigger. No one wins here— neither the parties nor the people of Delhi. Delhi is not just a city— it is the national capital of the country and a linchpin of political power play in south Asia. It is our face to the world and the first point of contact for international diplomacy. Delhi is also a social melting pot that represents the diversity of India and its myriad aspirations in a microcosm. Delhi is a successful experiment in intellectual liberalism that no Indian city today displays. Delhi has the most well-laid out roads in the country, perhaps the best greenery around, and the most extensive metro rail network.

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