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Shraddha murder case: Shraddha's brother tells Delhi Court about altercation between his sister, Aftab

New Delhi: Shraddha Walker's brother Shreejay, testifying as a prosecution witness in the case, on Thursday apprised the Saket Court in Delhi that she (Shraddha) had informed him (Shreejay) that Aftab (accused) used to indulge in a verbal altercation with her and beat her up.
Shreejay Walkar, an auto driver and deceased's neighbour in the Chhatarpur area deposed statements as prosecution witnesses before the Additional Sessions Judge Manisha Khurana Kakkar. The witnesses were examined by prosecution lawyer, Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad. Testifying as a prosecution witness in the case, Shreejay said that her sister shifted with Aftab against the family's will. Shraddha had also told his brother that she has attained the age of 25 and can take her own decision.
Shreejay also told the court that later she complained to him that Aftab (accused) used to indulge in a verbal altercation with her and beat her up. She also told this to her mother and later the family members asked her to leave Aftab and returned home saying that it is not correct to stay with people who are causing physical harm.
The brother also informed the court that after every such incident, Aftab would apologise to her for the fight and physical beating and she would condone it and continue to live with him. He also apprised the court about the fact that Shraddha and Aftab came to their house when their mother was unwell and also identified Aftab in the courtroom.
The deceased neighbour Kusum Lata, who worked in a hospital, in her statement, apprised the court that the couple has shifted to a flat opposite her house sometime on May 16-17, 2022, and she has seen an exchange of arguements between the couple after a day when they shifted to the flat.
The girl left the flat the next day after shifting and was never seen again, according to Kusum Lata's statement given before the court.
Later in November 2022 she learnt from a media report about the case and was called by Delhi Police to join the investigation. Kusum Lata also identified Aftab as one of the couples who shifted opposite her house.
The auto driver Manish Kumar Rathore, who testified as the first witness in the case, apprised the court of the fact that on May 18, 2022, one lady stopped his auto near a metro station in South Delhi and asked him to drop Chhatarpur pahadi area, which he agreed.
"The lady paid the amount to auto driver through UPI," the auto driver said.
The auto driver told the court that he was called by Delhi Police on November 25, 2022, and upon enquiry, he identified the lady.
The cross-examination of all these three witnesses could not take place as the leading defence counsel could not mark his presence before his court due to some personal reason. The court thereafter slated that matter for July 12 for cross-examination of the three witnesses.
Shraddha Walkar was allegedly murdered by Aftab in the Mehrauli area on May 18, 2022. Her body parts were thrown into the jungle of the Chhatarpur Pahadi area. He was arrested in November 2022.
The court had framed the charges under sections 302 and 201 IPC for murder and disappearance of evidence against Aftab, who pleaded not guilty and claimed trial. (ANI)

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