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"Not interested in assurance, would like to see action": MEA on vandalism of Indian missions in UK, US by Khalistanis

New Delhi: India would like to see action, more than just assurance, the Ministry of External Affairs said on the vandalism of Indian missions in various countries by Khalistanis, adding that he hoped that foreign governments will act against and prosecute those involved.
Addressing the weekly media briefing, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, to a question on the vandalism of the Indian High Commission in London and the Indian High Consulate in San Fransisco, said, "On the issues of security, whenever we feel there is an issue relating to the security of our missions abroad high commissions and embassies, this issue is taken up. Whenever we have concerns where we feel that there will be some activities that may harm our interests, we do take it up." "You would have seen specifically in London and at least in San Francisco, we've strongly taken up the matter of vandalism and attacks on our missions there. You would have also seen our statements in this regard," he added.
Bagchi further stated that India expects the host governments to take action to identify and prosecute all those involved and also take necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. He also hoped that the government would provide full and adequate protection to Indian missions as well as to the personnel working there.
"I think that's probably what your question was, assurance... Yes. Look, on that element we just say look, I think we are not interested in just assurances. I think we would like to see action. That's why I would leave it at that," the MEA spokesperson added.
Earlier, on March 19, a pro-Khalistan protestor in London climbed the High Commission of India's balcony and pulled down the national flag.
A video of the same incident had gone viral on social video. In the now-viral video, the Khalistani protestor is seen on the balcony attempting to bring down the Indian flag. At the end of the video, another man is seen reaching the balcony and wresting the Tricolour back from the Khalistan supporter.

Khalistan supporters also allegedly attacked Indian Consulate in San Francisco (SFO). Videos of supporters breaking the doors and barging into the office surfaced on social media.
Though visuals of the vandalism at the San Francisco consulate have been doing the rounds of social media, the incident is yet to be confirmed by Indian officials.
While the visuals confirmed that the incident happened at the consulate, the date could not be ascertained.
Visuals shared online show a sizeable mob brandishing Khalistan flags and mounted on wooden poles, using them to smash glass doors and windows of the consulate building. Raising pro-Khalistan slogans, they broke through makeshift security barriers raised by the city police and installed two Khalistani flags inside the premises. (ANI)

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