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India in phase to take quantum jump for becoming developed says PM while launching 'Viksit Bharat @2047 : Voice of Youth'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while launching 'Viksit Bharat @2047 : Voice of Youth', said that India is undergoing a phase of history when it is going to take a quantum jump like several other nations, which made them a developed nation by doing so.
During the programme, PM Modi addressed Vice Chancellors of universities, heads of institutes and faculty members in workshops organised at Raj Bhawans across the country.
"This is the period in the history of India when the country is going to take a quantum jump. There are examples of many such countries around us, which have developed themselves by taking such a quantum jump in a given time. That is why I say that this is the right time for India. We have to take advantage of every moment of this immortal time. We must not lose even a single moment."
Taking the pre-independence era as an example, Modi explained the role of educational institutions in turning the voice of independence into a nation-wide movement with the wide participation of youth.
"There was a time when every educational institution in this nation worked on developing an ecosystem and a whole generation of youth was raised for independence. A thought developed in the nation that whatever will be done is done for independence and will be done now only," the PM said.
"Similarly, today every person, every institution and every organisation has to move forward with the pledge that whatever I do should be for a developed India. The focus of your goals and your resolutions should be only on developed India," the PM added.
Further PM Modi said that in line with this vision, a section of 'Viksit Bharat @2047 : Voice of Youth' has been launched under the My Government portal that will provide a platform to the youth of the country to contribute ideas to the vision of Viksit Bharat @2047. In this section, suggestions under five different categories can be given and the best of 10 suggestions will be awarded.
Congratulations to all the Governors for organising the workshop PM said, "Today is a very important day regarding the resolutions of a developed India. I would like to especially congratulate all the governors who have organized this workshop related to building a developed India."
PM urged youth to provide suggestions for countering the side effects of modern lifestyles so that youth can have a glimpse of the world outside mobile.
The workshops will be a key step towards initiating the process of engaging youngsters to share their ideas and suggestions for making India a developed country by 2047.
The vision encompasses various aspects of development, including economic growth, social progress, environmental sustainability, and good governance, among others.

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