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He explained complex topics in simple words: Jitendra Singh on 6th Pariksha Pe Charcha

New Delhi: Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Friday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's connectivity with the school students and said that he could explain complex topics with utmost ease.
"Prime Minister could connect with children to a great extent. He explained complex topics like how pressure from parents and teachers affects children, how to identify their talent, and what role parents and teachers can play in this, in very simple words," Union Minister Jitendra Singh said. This was the sixth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC) and PM Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents today at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. During the interaction, he also witnessed the exhibits of students showcased at the venue before the interaction.

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi highlighted that this is the first time that Pariksha Pe Charcha is taking place during the Republic Day celebrations and noted that those visiting New Delhi from other states also got a glimpse of the Republic Day. Throwing light on the importance of Pariksha Pe Charcha for the Prime Minister himself, he pointed out the millions of questions that are posed as part of the programme and said that it gives him insight into the minds of the young generations of India.
For recognising one's potential, PM Modi said that every student should realise and set appropriate goals and skills set possessed by him or her as it makes the person very capable, he said.
He also asked the parents to do a correct assessment of their children and said that most people are average and ordinary but when these ordinary people do extraordinary deeds, they achieve new heights.
"We should never be under the pressure that we are average and even if we are average there will be something extraordinary in us, all you need to do is to recognize and nurture that," PM Modi said recalling the global economy and said there was a time when Indian economists and even the Prime Minister were not seen as proficient economists but today India is seen as shining in the comparative economics of the world.

PM Modi also urged parents to give children liberty and freedom as there are ample opportunities to grow and develop.
"Free your child, let him treasure the liberty, the freedom; give your child the open skies, the ample opportunities to grow and develop. Remain concerned about the way and directions of his steps, but let him walk freely, with high spirits devoid of any limits," he said.
PM Modi also encouraged the students to believe in their strengths and use gadgets wisely and smartly. He further said that the average six-hour screen time for gadget users in our country is fruitful for their creators.
"People in India spend an average of six hours on screen. This is a matter of concern. Why become a slave of gadgets when God has given us an independent existence and individuality with immense potential?" PM Modi said.
"There is an average of six hours of screen time for a gadget user in our country now. This certainly reflects the amount of time and energy any person drains out meaninglessly and without productivity. This a matter of deep concern and a threat to the people's creativity," PM Modi said adding that any person would feel "bliss" once he or she frees the self from the clutches of the misuse of technology.

"The moment you feel bliss, you will attain true freedom," he continued.
He also enlightened the students to believe in their smartness and underlined the major mistake they make by relying on gadgets.
"You have to decide who among you and the gadgets is smarter. Sometimes you believe that the gadgets are smarter- this is where the mistake starts. You will get better results once you start using the gadgets smartly," he said.
He reiterated to the students that the gadgets are means to help any person in the journey towards excellence and they can be used in a comparatively better way if used with the presence of mind.
Talking further, PM Modi suggested the students create a "No technology zone" so that they can spend considerate time with their family without the distraction from gadgets. "Zenith of success and prosperity lies in remaining energetic. Stay enthusiastic, flourish!" Modi said. (ANI)

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