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Dubai: EAM Jaishankar highlights India's transformation, global leadership

Dubai: External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, provided a comprehensive overview of the ongoing transformations in India and underscored the critical role of the Indian diaspora in shaping global perceptions.
From technological advancements to social campaigns, Jaishankar painted a vivid picture of a progressing India, urging the diaspora to convey this narrative to the world.

In a captivating address to the Indian diaspora in Dubai, Jaishankar engaged with Indian students and young professionals in Dubai, sharing valuable insights into the dynamic changes taking place in India and their impact on the lives of Indians both domestically and abroad.
"Happy to interact with Indian students and young professionals in Dubai today. They will work at the forefront of building a Viksit Bharat in the Amritkaal. Shared perspectives on transformations in India and the impact it is having on everyday lives of Indians at home and abroad," posted Jaishankar on X.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Jaishankar stated, "Happy to interact with Indian students and young professionals in Dubai today. They will work at the forefront of building a Viksit Bharat in the Amritkaal." He emphasised the diaspora's pivotal role in shaping global perceptions of India and influencing others, extending beyond their immediate circles.
"While you look at the CoWIN portal, Covaxin, 5G, and Chandrayaan, these are all components of Viksit Bharat," Jaishankar remarked, highlighting India's remarkable achievements in technology and space exploration. He stressed the importance of effectively communicating India's progress to the world, especially for those studying abroad.

Discussing a significant event in India, Jaishankar shared, "If I was not here but in India, I would actually today be participating in a very important event which the prime minister would be addressing, called the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra." This initiative aims to showcase the progress made in the last decade through various schemes and campaigns.

Jaishankar enumerated campaigns such as Swatch Bharat, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Digital India, Skill India, and Awas Yojana, illustrating how each contributes to a comprehensive picture of India's progress. "When you connect each one of these, you get a very different picture. That is today the progress in India. And that progress today is actually the basis for greatness tomorrow," he added.
He urged the diaspora to understand the importance of their influence, saying, "Your influence is not just limited to your immediate group or family. You shape the thinking of India. When they hear from you in a very natural way, what is happening in India, it gives them a sense of how India is progressing."

Touching upon India's global role, Jaishankar discussed the recently concluded G20 presidency, highlighting India's ability to bring nations together despite geopolitical challenges. "We have shown that India is capable of getting the world at a very difficult, very divisive moment, around a table, agree on common goals," he stated, emphasizing India's positive impact on the international stage.

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