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CBI registers case against Mahila Rindan Samabay Samity in West Bengal for fraud with depositors

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday registered a case against unknown officer bearers of Mahila Rindan Samabay Samity in West Bengal.

In the matter of Kalpana Das Sarkar versus the State of West Bengal (WPA No 2103 of 2022), the Circuit Bench of the High Court on August 24 directed the CBI to take over the investigation of a case from CID West Bengal, related to one "Samabay Samiti".

The FIR into the matter reads that the allegation as per the Complainant Alok Roy of District Alipurduar is that a small savings Bank namely, 'Alipurduar Mahila Rindan Samabay Samity situated in District Alipurduar which was formed in January 2000, employed a number of agents to collect money from the public in general with an assurance to return the same as and when required and the complainant has apprehension whether they have any proper license or permission from the appropriate authority to carry such type of activity.

It is further alleged that the said Bank authority without following proper norms, illegally and maliciously issued huge numbers of loans to various people on their whims and the depositors did not get back their money from the said bank due to malpractice of the bank, which is still going on.
This has ultimately resulted in the pecuniary loss of general depositors and also caused illegal pecuniary gain to some office bearers of the said bank.
The complainant has further apprehension as to whether the said Bank authority has any proper permission to grant a loan to any person and provide public money deposited by them in good faith, on their whims to any person of their choice.

It is alleged by the Complainant that due to this malpractice, the depositors have faced harassment and the selected issuance of huge loans to the public of their choice, needs enquiry.

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