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"Would be better if these people read Constitution...": PM Modi on Kejriwal's allegation

New Delhi: Rejecting opposition allegations about the misuse of probe agencies against them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the government has a zero-tolerance towards corruption and that it is better "if these people read the Constitution, read the law of the country".
In an exclusive interview with ANI, PM Modi said the probe agencies were making more seizures in corruption cases.
Asked about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's allegation that PM Modi decides who will go to jail, the Prime Minister said, "It would be better if these people read the Constitution, read the law of the country, I do not need to say anything to anyone".
Kejriwal has been given interim bail by the Supreme Court till June 1 in the Delhi excise policy case.
Kejriwal has been attacking the BJP and PM Modi in his rallies for the Lok Sabha polls.
"In Bihar, Modi Ji said - 'Tejashwi Yadav will go to jail in a few days.' This clearly shows who will go to jail and for how many days will he stay in jail, this is decided by Modi Ji. When I said this a few days ago, I was asked how I was saying this. Yesterday Modi Ji accepted it in front of the whole country," Kejriwal said in a post on X on May 26.
PM Modi said that during his 10-year tenure, ED has seized Rs 2,200 crore while during Manmohan Singh's 10-year tenure as Prime Minister, it was only Rs 34 lakh.
"Ask the person who is throwing this garbage, what is the proof of what you are saying? I will convert this garbage into manure and will produce some good things for the country from it. When Manmohan Singh was in power for 10 years, Rs 34 lakhs were seized and currently in the last 10 years ED has seized Rs 2,200 crores. The one who has brought back Rs 2,200 crores to the country should be respected and not abused," he said.
"The one whose money has gone is abusing. It means that whoever has a part in stealing money will shout a little after being caught. Today, a Sarpanch has the right to sign on a chequebook but the Prime Minister of the country does not have it. Modi government has told its officers that it has zero tolerance towards corruption," he added.

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