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Won't allow wannabe film director Anand Kumar to make a movie on my life, says Sukesh Chandrashekhar

New Delhi: Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar on Friday issued a press statement on the media reports that filmmaker Anand Kumar is planning to make a movie on his life. Chandrashekar said that he would not allow creating any content on his story with a small time, wannabe film director like Kumar, who is a flop, and needs publicity.
Sukesh issued press statement through his lawyer Anant Malik, telling Director Anand that his team is already in final talks with "A" lister director and star cast with a top "OTT" platform. This is for your information, so don't waste your time, Chandrashekar said. "Anand you have called me "Conman"; may I know on what basis? Can you show me any case that is proved against me? As you have called me so, hereby I am filing a defamation suit against you, hence you will be receiving legal notice from my legal team," stated the press statement
"Anand lastly it is not wrong of you dreaming of making a movie/OTT about me, but unfortunately, I am a person for who, even my enemy has to be a brand, so imagine if someone has to be my friend to do my story, what it would be, hence Mr. Anand you are nowhere even close to the "B" of the word Brand, instead you have tried rubbing me on the wrong side and tried humiliating me, for which, you will be answerable prepare yourself and get yourself a good legal team," read the press statement. (ANI)

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