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Uber to ply Shuttle bus services in Delhi-NCR for daily commuters

New Delhi: The Delhi Transport Department has granted an aggregator license to Uber to operate shuttle buses for commuters in Delhi under the Delhi Premium Bus Scheme.
Now Uber will offer bus service in Delhi under the program called 'Uber Shuttle'. The commuters in Delhi will be able to pre-book seats on their preferred route by choosing the 'Uber Shuttle' option on the Uber app.
"The Government of Delhi stays committed to improving public transport services and diversifying available transportation options to streamline commuting for Delhiites. We are pleased to extend an opportunity to Uber to utilize its global experience and technological prowess to contribute to an elevated commuting experience for the people of Delhi" said an official of the Delhi transport department,
The program was initially tested in Delhi NCR and has been operating in Kolkata since last year under an MoU with the West Bengal Government.
The service will help the daily bus commuters in Delhi-NCR and has been designed according to the needs of the city. The program aims to provide tech-optimized mobility solutions using private bus fleets, addressing road congestion and reducing carbon emissions by encouraging shared rides.
The facility provides various features for a smooth journey through the Uber app, passengers will be able to pre-book seats up to a week in advance and track the live location and route of the bus.
"Following a successful pilot program, where we witnessed significant demand for buses, we are thrilled to officially introduce the convenience of Uber rides to buses in Delhi," said Amit Deshpande, Head, Uber Shuttle, India
He further added "Uber Shuttle will help put more people in one vehicle, and help ease traffic congestion and reduce carbon footprint. Through a new option for commuters and creating a new source of livelihood for drivers, we are confident that this initiative will prove to be a win-win for all"
The passengers can also view the expected time of arrival (ETA) of buses all through the Uber app. The buses will be air-conditioned and will cover the predefined routes, connecting business districts with residential areas in Delhi.
Each shuttle bus will be able to accommodate between 19 to 50 passengers and will be operated by local fleet partners utilizing Uber's technology.

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