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"She compromised with nation for vote bank," JP Nadda attacks Mamata Banerjee

New Delhi: BJP President JP Nadda launched a scathing attack on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over 'vote bank politics' and said that the former is compromising with the nation for her vote bank.
Nadda accused Mamata Banerjee of providing shelter to infiltrators and giving them ID cards and ration cards, making them voters, and called such actions 'anti-national'.
Answering the ways to stop violence in West Bengal, Nadda said, "Law and order is a state subject, we (the centre) can support them but Mamata Banerjee's intentions are not clear. Her intention is dubious."
In an interview with ANI, the BJP President slammed the West Bengal CM over the alleged Sandeshkhali incident and raised questions about her silence.
"She was silent on the case of Sheikh Shahjahan, the High Court had to give the enquiry to the Central Bureau of Investigation. Women were shouting and you even didn't bother," he said.
Asked about the allegations of Mamata Banerjee that the Sandeshkhali incident was a conspiracy of the BJP, Nadda said, "Dishonest administrator, dishonest politician. If I'm the CM and a case like this comes to me, I'll say that I'll investigate into this. I'll go into the details of it. Why was she quiet at first and later she blamed the BJP."
"She compromised with the nation for a vote bank. TMC is providing shelter to infiltrators and giving them ID cards and ration cards, making them voters, this is anti-national activities. They also give protection to such people," Nadda added.
Sandeshkhali, a village in North 24 Parganas district, started hitting the headlines in February this year when villagers, mostly women, came out on the streets against the ruling TMC and Shahjahan (the main accused in the incident).
Women accused Shahjahan and his aides of perpetrating atrocities on them along with gobbling up their land. Multiple women on the island accused Shajahan and his aides of "land-grab and sexual assault" under coercion.
Meanwhile, the BJP President further accused Mamata Banerjee of "spreading information" regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act and said, "She is spreading misinformation about CAA. She's doing anti-national things. CAA will not be given to someone who is coming from outside. Doesn't Mamata understand this, is she so illiterate? No. She understands everything. But she is trying to misguide the innocent people."
Speaking on why Mamata left the INDIA alliance, Nadda said, "I can't speak about her thought process but her actions don't suggest that she has a stable mind. She always stays unstable."

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