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Reluctant Rahul, hesitant leaders: Is this a recipe for another ‘presidency-goofup’ in Congress?

New Delhi: It seems that the issue surrounding leadership in the Congress party is bound to hang for a long time as it is still unclear, even though it is middle of August 2022, as to who will be the National President of the grand-old-party? Rahul Gandhi has not given his consent yet to become party’s national president and thus, in such a situation, the high command is considering some other name.

Word within the party’s relevant circle is that the name of Mallikarjun Kharge was thought about in the past and according to sources, Kharge is at the forefront of the race and consensus can be formed in the party in the name of Kharge. However, a senior leader close to Rahul Gandhi did not agree on this. It has been contested that if consent is made in the name of Kharge, then there will be another challenge before the party, i.e. Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal and National President will both be from South. Now many big leaders of the party are waiting for Rahul Gandhi’s approval. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is going to start India Jodo Yatra from 7th September. In such a situation, this big issue is still hanging in the party amid nationwide movements.

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