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Rajasthan: Congress MLAs dismiss resignation speculations, align with party high command

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing political fracas in Rajasthan and speculations of resignations of 90 MLAs doing rounds, Congress MLAs including Ganga Devi, Indira Meena dismissed the reports and said that they reached the meeting on a lighter note and signed a paper which everyone else was signing with no knowledge of its content.
Congress MLA Ganga Devi highlighted that she did not read the letter and aligned with the party high command's decision. "I have no idea about the letter. I reached there late. I did not read the letter. I did not resign. We are with the decision of the high command. We had talked about meeting the supervisor but we could not go," said Congress MLA Ganga Devi.

On the other hand, Congress MLA Indira Meena confirmed her presence during the meet and stressed on her support for Congress leader Sachin Pilot.
"I was present during the meeting at Cabinet Minister Shanti Dhariwal's residence. We didn't know why the letter was being signed. I want Sachin Pilot to become the Chief Minister because when I contested elections, I saw Sachin Pilot first as a leader. We have no problem," said Congress MLA Indira Meena.
She further noted that before signing the resignation letter they were not told what was written in the letter and why it was being signed.
Earlier a legislative party meeting was scheduled on Sunday evening at the residence of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in the presence of the observers, which was attended by Sachin Pilot and his camp MLAs.

However, the Gehlot loyalists had held a meeting with Cabinet Minister Shanti Dhariwal at his residence, following which over 90 MLAs had submitted their resignations to Speaker CP Joshi, according to sources.
Pilot is being seen as the successor of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who is all set to contest the Congress president election scheduled on October 17. The Rajasthan deputy chief minister late last night conducted a second round of meeting with the AICC observers.
The Gehlot loyalists want someone from their own camp to be chosen as the next Chief Minister, instead of Pilot, who, according to them, had revolted against his own party back in 2020. (ANI)

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