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Policy, law and order in J-K worth investing in: Amit Shah tells industrialists

New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday while speaking at the industry body ASSOCHAM's annual session stressed the fact that both policy interventions and law and order in Jammu and Kashmir are worth investing in, and asked industrialists to take note of it.
Both policy and law and order are worth investing in Jammu and Kashmir, you must pay attention to this, the country's Home Minister Amit Shah said in response to a question to industrialists at the Assocham event.
Shah said that both policy and law and order in Jammu and Kashmir are worth investing in and industrialists must pay attention to this.
"Industrialists should choose the region for investment according to their market strategy and keeping their business interest in mind. I have no issue wherever you invest as long as it benefits the country. But I must say that both policy and law and order are worth investing in Jammu and Kashmir, and you must consider this," said Shah, in response to a query by an industrialist.

Earlier in his address, Shah assured that India would become a USD five trillion economy by 2025, and he also expressed confidence that by December 2023, the 5G rollout will be fully completed across the country.
He also spoke about logistics costs in India and reiterated how the government is trying to reduce them to 7.5 per cent from 13 per cent by 2028.
Speaking about India's massive digital payments ecosystem, he said UPI-based payments are accepted even by a street-side vendor.
He said that today over 50 per cent of the total digital transactions in the country are done through UPI mode.
"When Modi ji had launched digital transaction, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram ji had criticized that how a vegetable seller would take money online... Today, people even in remotest villages of India make digital transactions," he said.

According to minister Shah, the growth in digital payments was possible due to large internet networks and power supply in rural areas.
"Our all-embracing and all-inclusive schemes have led to the multifaceted development of India. And today the world is surprised by our achievements," Shah said.

"In a vast country like India, the development of the country can be achieved only by following the 'Whole of Government' approach... and Prime Minister Modi ji has implemented this vision of Team India on the ground, and which is why such good results have come in the past nine years." (ANI)

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