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PM Modi shares his pain, asks people not to use expletives, cuss words abusive to women

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday expressed his agony and pain over the "perversion in day-to-day speaking behavior" of people and said words insulting to women are casually used.

In his Independence Day address from the ramparts of Red Fort on the 76th Independence Day, the Prime Minister called upon people to take a pledge to get rid of any behavior that "humiliates and demeans women in our daily life". In his over 80-minute speech, the Prime Minister made a strong pitch for women's empowerment.

He framed the world's growing hopes from India in terms of its tri-shakti and said "women's pride is going to be a huge asset in fulfilling the dreams of the nation".
"From the ramparts of Red Fort, I also want to share one of my enduring pains. I cannot hold myself from expressing my pain. I am mindful that it may not befit the podium of the Red Fort but I will still express my deepest feelings of agony to my countrymen. If I do not open up in front of the countrymen, then where will I say it after all?" the Prime Minister said.

"What I wish to share is that it hurts me to say that we have witnessed a perversion in our day-to-day speaking, behavior. We have been casually using expletives and cuss words that are abusive and against our women. Can we not pledge to get rid of every behaviour, culture that humiliates and demeans women in our daily life? Women's pride is going to be a huge asset in fulfilling the dreams of the nation. I see this power and therefore I am insistent on it," he added.

He said the country's 'nari shakti' is coming forward with new strength and a new belief in every walk of life, whether it is the playground or the battlefield.
"I can see the manifold contribution of 'nari shakti', my mothers, sisters, and daughters, in the next 25 years compared to the contribution in the 75 years of India's journey. The more we pay attention to this aspect, the more opportunities, and facilities we provide to our daughters, they will return us much more than that. They will take the country to a new height."
The Prime Minister lauded the woman freedom fighters in the beginning of his speech.

"This nation is grateful to those brave women, be it Rani Lakshmibai, Jhalkari Bai, Durga Bhabhi, Rani Gaidinliu, Rani Chennamma, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Velu Nachiyar, who showed the mettle of women power of India."
Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon citizens to take a resolve to make India a developed country in the next 25 years and called for efforts to rid the country of corruption, nepotism and family bias. (ANI)

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