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Pilot is not forming new party: Venugopal

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi will return to Delhi from foreign tour on June 19. Meanwhile, an important meeting took place in Delhi on Thursday wherein, Sachin Pilot met with KC Venugopal. During the meeting, the two discussed various issues. Meanwhile, on Friday, KC Venugopal issued a remark regarding the meeting and said, “Sachin Pilot will not leave the Congress party. Don’t worry about it, we will fight (election) together.”

Congress General Secy KC Venugopal has termed discussions of Sachin Pilot forming a new party as mere rumours. “The talk of forming a party is just a rumour. Sachin Pilot is in constant contact even after meeting held at the President’s house. Even after that meeting, Talk with Pilot has been held three to four times. There is no such activity in Rajasthan. All the leaders in Rajasthan are united, the talk of forming a party is nothing more than a rumour. There is no point in replying to rumours. There is no such atmosphere in Rajasthan,” he said.

On the question of contact with Pilot after reconciliation meet held at the Congress President’s house, Venugopal said that talks are on continuously. Both the leaders are united, he claimed.

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