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"New parliament building constructed by burying Constitution," says AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj

New Delhi: Delhi Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj on Sunday said that the new Parliament House has been constructed by burying the Constitution of India.

Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the construction of Parliament is similar to the construction of the Taj Mahal which was built by burying Mumtaz. While speaking to ANI, Saurabh Bhardwaj said," A week before the inauguration of this Parliament, the judgment of the constitution bench, which defined the constitution of this country, was overturned by bringing an ordinance. After killing the constitution of the country, and burying it, a luxurious building has been built on it, like the Taj Mahal was built by burying Mumtaz. Like people come to see the Taj Mahal, they will also come to see this Parliament and say that this is the place where the Constitution of the country was buried."

He further stated that BJP would not be able to explain to the coming generations on why the President was not invited in the inauguration of Parliament event.

"You are inviting everyone, not the President. Have the invitation cards run out? It is unfortunate. They will not be able to explain to the coming generations why the President was not invited to such a big program," he said.
He also mentioned that the democratic values in the country have become weak and the new parliament constructed by the government is built for their egos and not for democracy.

"Today the country's democratic values have become so weak that women wrestlers who won the Olympics are sitting on a dharna demanding that the accused of exploitation be sent to jail. Farmers, poor, labourers from every corner of the country want to come to the country's capital for their daughters, but the capital has been converted into a fort," he said.
"You are so scared of the poor farmers of your country in the country's capital, it means that the building you have built is not a building of democracy, it is a building of your ego. Today democracy is sitting on the Singhu border and Tikri border, where it is being murdered," he added.
After dedicating the new Parliament building to the country earlier this morning after a ceremony that saw a multi-faith prayer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi this afternoon walked into the new building amid chants of "Modi" "Modi" and a standing ovation for the second phase of the inauguration ceremony.

Prime Minister Modi installed the sacred 'Sengol' in the new Lok Sabha chamber, right next to the Speaker's chair, after performing puja. PM Modi also prostrated as a mark of respect before the 'Sengol' during the ceremony.
"It is our good fortune that we have been able to restore the pride of the holy 'Sengol'. Whenever proceedings start in this House the 'Sengol' will inspire us," PM Modi said.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new Parliament building was not just a building but reflected the aspirations and dreams of 1.4 billion people and will send a powerful message to the world about India's unwavering determination.
"In the development journey of every country, some moments come which become immortal. 28th May is such a day," Prime Minister Modi said in his first address in the new Parliament.

The new Parliament building is designed to enable 888 members to sit in the Lok Sabha. In the present building of the Parliament, there is a provision for the sitting of 543 Members in the Lok Sabha and 250 in the Rajya Sabha.

Keeping in view the future requirements, arrangements have been made for a meeting of 888 members in the Lok Sabha and 384 members in the Rajya Sabha in the newly constructed building of the Parliament. The joint session of both Houses will be held in the Lok Sabha Chamber. 

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