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New Delhi: Swati Maliwal has made serious allegations against Bibhav Kumar, an aide to Kejriwal, accusing him of a distressing assault. In her police complaint filed on Friday, Maliwal recounted that on Monday morning, Kumar slapped her 7-8 times on face and struck her chest, stomach & private parts. She described how Bibhav came in, started abusing her, continued to slap her without any provocation. “I made noise & pleaded ‘Let me go,’ but he kept beating me continuously & abusing me. He threatened, ‘We will see, we will deal with it.’ I told him that I was menstruating and in considerable pain, begging him to leave me alone,” she said. Maliwal said she managed to call cops. She also recorded statements at Tis Hazari Court later in the day.

Meanwhile, Atishi, dismissed the allegations of “assault” against Bibhav as “baseless,” accusing Maliwal of lying and suggesting a conspiracy by the BJP. In response, Maliwal asserted AAP had taken a U-turn after “accepting the truth”.

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