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"Let's shut down shops of Thugbandhan": Uttarakhand CM Dhami slams INDIA bloc

Jhalawar: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday, launching a scathing attack on the INDIA bloc, appealed to the people of Rajasthan to shut down the shops of 'Thugbandhan'. 

Addressing a public rally in Rajasthan's Jhalawar, CM Dhami said, "Let us pledge to shut down the shops of 'Thugbandhan'. I want to appeal to all of you to stay aware of the 'Thugbandhan', which encouraged nepotism in the country and posed a threat to the unity of the country". 
Further, attacking the grand old party, CM Dhami said, "The Congress only gave nepotism, appeasement and corruption to the country. Why are they reluctant towards the name 'Bharat'? Why are they irritated by the Sanatana? Why don't they want to take 'Bharat Mata's' name? Because patriotism was never at their origin". 

"Let us take a pledge to defeat those who created hindrances in the development of the country. The Congress always tried to put an end to the identity of the country. There was corruption, there was an emergency. In Rajasthan, you see how women are being oppressed. You saw how a tailor had to lose his life and the government tightened its lips", added CM Dhami. 

Taking a dig at his Rajasthan counterpart, Ashok Gehlot, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister said, "You saw how the 'black deeds' of Ashok Gehlot was unveiled by his own MLA. The 'black deeds' of the Congress is not a secret anymore. Their alliance partner called for the eradication of Sanatana. The Sanatana which is eternal, the Sanatana which has been there since forever". 

"Cruel rulers like Babar and Aurangzeb could not wipe away the Sanatana. Who is this 'Ghamandiya' alliance to do so?" CM Dhami added. 
It is worth mentioning that after Tamil Nadu minister and DMK leader, Udhayanidhi Stalin, called for the eradication of the Sanatana while speaking at a public event in Tamil Nadu's Chennai, his remarks created a political slugfest in the country with leaders of political rivals NDA and INDIA alliance taking potshots at each other.
Meanwhile, praising the Bharatiya Janata Pary (BJP) government, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said, "Mandir wahin banayenge (We will build the temple there only). Our dream of constructing the Ram Mandir is about to be fulfilled. If you come to Devbhoomo Uttarakhand, you will see that there are several roads to make your journey to the 'Char Dham' easier. Article 370 was revoked from Jammu and Kashmir. The national flag was hoisted at Srinagar's Lal Chowk. Now, we are defeating our enemies by barging in their own territories. We did the surgical strike". 

"Earlier, the Indian Army had to ask if there is any retaliation required from our side to the attacks made by the enemy countries. Now, there is no need to ask. The country is now safe and powerful under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi", he added.

Speaking on the G20 summit, he said, We organised the G20 summit under the leadership of PM Modi. The world got to realise the strength of Bharat. We accomplished the Chnadrayaan-3 mission. Our Aditya-L1 (solar mission) was launched. Bharat has progressed in every field". 
CM Dhami, earlier today, also participated in the "Parivartan Sankalp Yatra" in the Dag assembly constituency of Jhalawar. 
The "Parivartan Sankalp Yatra" was launched by the BJP in Rajasthan earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan assembly election is scheduled to be held later this year to elect 200 members of the legislative assembly and the parties have left no stone unturned in wooing voters. 

Earlier, in the 2018 elections, the Congress party secured 100 seats, which was shot of majority by one seat (as 101 seats are required to form the government). 
Later, it formed the government with Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). 
The BJP had secured 73 seats, much fewer than those in the previous election in which it had won a majority of 163 seats.

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