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Jairam’s interjection of Rahul points to immaturity?

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi and his team should explain to Jairam Ramesh that he is not doing Rahul any good by publicly stopping him in a press conference. His job is not to prompt Rahul in the press conference.

If Rahul does something wrong then Ramesh’s job is to cover up that mistake later. Rahul said in the press conference ‘Unfortunately I am MP’, but Ramesh stopped him and began to murmur in his ear. If Ramesh hadn’t stopped him and murmured in his ear, perhaps no heed would have been paid to Rahul’s word, but Ramesh turned everyone’s attention to Rahul’s statement. In fact, Ramesh is so anxious to show his knowledge that he does not understand that he is giving an opportunity in the hands of BJP to prove Rahul Gandhi as ‘Pappu’.

When Rahul Gandhi was in London for two weeks, he participated in five public events. Sam Pitroda was present with him everywhere. But nowhere did he stop Rahul from saying anything. Rahul was giving a speeches like a boss and kept on presenting his ideas.

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