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Investigation to be conducted to ascertain causes of Ghazipur landfill fire: Atishi

New Delhi: Delhi Minister Atishi said on Monday that an investigation will be conducted to ascertain the cause of the Ghazipur landfill fire incident. She added that the fire has been controlled now.
"The fire tenders of Delhi Fire Service were present at the spot throughout the night. The fire has been controlled. We hope that the smoke will also fade away in some time," Atishi said in a press conference here.
"The Delhi Deputy Mayor visited the spot on Sunday evening. We will investigate how and by which process this fire broke out," she added.
Meanwhile, plumes of thick, dark smoke continued to rise from the Ghazipur landfill site in the national capital on Monday, hours after a major fire broke out there last evening. Several residents living close to the landfill complained about breathing difficulties and irritation in the eyes and throat.
Atishi also blamed the BJP for the "mess" made in waste disposal during its tenure in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.
"The height and width of garbage mountains have been continuously decreasing since the AAP government came into power... But it will take some time for the AAP government to clear the mess that the BJP has made in Delhi for 15 years," she said.
However, Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party chief Virendra Sachdeva has posed serious allegations against the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi over the fire incident.
Sachdeva said that AAP and CM Kejriwal had announced that they would remove this landfill by 2023, but the game of corruption is being played here.
"The lives of the people in adjacent areas, in Mayur Vihar and Kondli, have become hell. I too live in Mayur Vihar; I understand this. When municipal elections were being held, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal announced that they would remove this landfill by December 2023. The game of corruption is being played here. The cause of the fire should be investigated. The causes are natural; there is corruption behind this. It should be investigated, and action should be taken against the guilty," he said.
Further, the Delhi BJP chief asserted that the day the BJP formed the government in Delhi, all three landfills (Okhla, Bhalaswa, and Ghazipur) would be removed within a year.
"The AAP chief and the party are on dialysis. 25 machines should have been deployed here but half of the machines are not working. Who is responsible? Will Arvind Kejriwal take responsibility? The tender is not being renewed. A Standing Committee is not being formed.
Decisions are not being taken. Who is responsible? Arvind Kejriwal. The day the BJP government is formed in Delhi, all three landfills in Delhi will be removed within a year," Sachdeva said.
Meanwhile, AAP candidate from East Delhi Lok Sabha Seat Kuldeep Kumar said the fire had been doused and that he assessed the situation there.

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