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"Infrastructure a key to border preparedness..."EAM Jaishankar on security at India-China border

New Delhi: Highlighting how the border Infrastructure holds the key to any nation's preparedness, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar once again underscored how security at the borders including at the India-China border is closely linked with the infrastructure developed in the area.
"We have focused on the rapid development of infrastructure along Northern Borders with China for obvious strategic reasons. We have focused on rapidly developing border connectivity with our friendly neighbours to enhance trade, energy and other people-to-people exchanges." Jaishankar says The key focus of the Modi government since coming to power in 2014 has been to ensure development-linked cooperation. "The facts are there for all to see. During the period 2008-14 the budget allocated for the China border projects stood at a mere Rs 3000-4000 cr which has taken a multi-fold jump to Rs14000 at present," Jaishankar told ANI during an interaction with reporters during the ongoing session of Parliament.
Further elaborating on the road and bridge building focus, EAM Jaishankar says, "between 2008-14 roads built stood at 3610 km which has between 2014-22 at 6806 kms. Bridges built in the period before 2014 was 7.3 km which during the Modi govt regime stands at 23.5 km."

One cannot do a thing without investing in infrastructure to ensure our forces are prepared better, says Jaishankar. "Behind the debate that we often witness on India China border including that of questions asked by opposition, one needs to look at what goes into our border preparedness. It's the quality of our structures, the technology involved and its maintenance," the EAM said.
While China has transgressed at multiple locations and the standoff continues, infrastructure is being developed across both sides.
The Indian government has laid a roadmap for such infrastructure which includes a network of all-weather roads. "It is not just a financial commitment Vada commitment for faster and better delivery," Jaishankar further elaborated.
In the last two years, the budget of BRO Has seen a double growth from 2500-5000 crores which is close to a 50 per cent increase in the capital budget in the current financial year allocations made during the recently presented union budget. (ANI)

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