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Indian Navy initiates preparatory actions in wake of Cyclone 'Remal'

New Delhi: The Indian Navy has initiated preparatory actions, following existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to mount a credible Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) response in the aftermath of Cyclone Remal.
Coast on the intervening night of May 26 and 27. The situation is being closely monitored at Naval Headquarters, with comprehensive preparatory actions being undertaken by the Headquarters of Eastern Naval Command.
Cyclone Remal, which is expected to intensify into a severe cyclone, is forecasted to make landfall between Sagar Island, West Bengal and Khepupara, Bangladesh.
In preparation, the Indian Navy has readied two ships equipped with HADR and medical supplies for immediate deployment to ensure the safety and welfare of the affected populace.
Additionally, Indian Naval aviation assets, including Sea King and Chetak helicopters as well as Dornier aircraft, are on standby for rapid response, the Navy said.
Specialised diving teams with equipment have been stationed in Kolkata to provide prompt assistance. Additionally, diving teams with necessary equipment are on standby in Visakhapatnam, prepared for quick deployment if needed.
Two Flood Relief Teams (FRTs), along with HADR and medical supplies, are being positioned in Kolkata. In addition, two FRTs each from Visakhapatnam and Chilka are ready and on standby for deployment at short notice.
The Indian Navy remains vigilant and is closely monitoring the evolving situation to provide immediate and effective assistance in the wake of Cyclone Remal.

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