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"He even ate...": BJP leader makes big claim on Kejriwal amid war of words over diet

New Delhi: Taking a swipe at jailed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, amid allegations that he has been deliberately tucking into Aaloo Poori (a popular breakfast meal in North India) and sweets, while also taking sugar with his tea to press for bail citing inflated blood sugar levels; BJP leader Shazia Ilmi on Friday claimed the AAP convenor even wolfed down eggs during Navratri despite being clinically diabetic.

During his submissions before the court earlier, the counsel for the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), which arrested the Delhi CM in connection with the excise policy case, claimed that he had been deliberately departing from his normal and clinically advised diet to make a stronger case for bail, citing elevated sugar levels.

Addressing media persons on Friday, Shazia said, "I believe Kejriwal is mindful of what he should or shouldn't eat for someone who is a diabetic. However, what surprised me is that he even ate eggs during the Navratras. I thought he avoided eggs during Navratri as is customary. However, ultimately, it's a matter of his personal choice whether he wants to have eggs during Navratri or not."

Hitting back at the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which claimed earlier that Kejriwal's health concerns were being deliberately ignored, the BJP spokesperson added, "Why would a responsible government agency bring harm to someone it is mandated to protect? I believe we need to avoid making such statements."

The ED claimed on Thursday that Kejriwal, who has failed to get any legal reprieve, with his prayers for bail being turned down, has been consuming home-cooked food with high sugar content to deliberately jack up his blood sugar levels.

ED's Special Counsel Zoheb Hossain submitted that Kejriwal was consuming mangoes, sweets, tea with high sugar and Aaloo Poori, among other items, adding that it was a deliberate ploy to prepare the ground to seek bail.

Refuting AAP claims that the jailed CM was being denied insulin, Shazia added, "As the prison manual stipulates, an inmate cannot be administered an injection in jail. A medical assistant has been assigned to him, who administers him with insulin as prescribed. So, to say that he is being denied insulin is false. The jail administration has confirmed as much."

On allegations that Kejriwal could be poisoned through the food he was being served behind bars, Shazia said, "Since his detention, he's only had jail food for two days. Otherwise, he has only been having food brought from his home. He, himself, put in a request for homecooked food, which was approved."

"Anyone with type-2 diabetes would not consume mangoes. He has had diabetes for a long time now. He knows what he should eat and what he shouldn't," Shazia added.

Amid claims that his medical needs were being deliberately ignored, the BJP spokesperson reminded AAP that the administration of jails comes within the ambit of the Delhi government.

"It should also be noted in this context that the administration of jails comes within the jurisdiction of the Delhi government. (AAP Rajya Sabha MP) Sanjay Singh was treated well in jail before being released (on bail). Therefore, I believe these allegations are entirely baseless," Shazia said.

To the ED counsel's contention that his client was consuming food with high sugar intake, advocate Vivek Jain, who is arguing for the AAP convenor, said toffees and other sugary items are often given to diabetics to maintain their sugar levels.

Kejriwal is currently in extended judicial custody after being arrested in the excise police case on March 21. 

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